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7th February—170207—A pdf summarising what I did in 2016.
18th January—170118—THE CONSTRUCT HAS NO PURPOSE; a Scandinavian tour with Dushume and Dirty Electronics.

19th February—160219—Upcoming workshop and gig with John Richards and Dirty Electronics; new year with MAILING LIST.

25th November—151125—Gigs in Copenhagen.
1st November—151011—Still Lives released on Bandcamp.
20th June—150620—BZZZ! International sound art festival.

16th June—140416—Some updates (RNM online portfolio, upcoming Dirty Electronics/Mute cd).
24th April—140424—Playing at STHLM drone society thing in R1/Stockholm.

Contact info &c.

* you can send me email using the first letter of my first name, @ this domain (maxwainwright.com). I am trying to avoid spam, apologies for any inconvenience.
* you can send me tweets &c on twitter where I go by the name @mainwright.

E-mail announce-list
Add your email here for announcements about releases, gigs &c.

Some links:
* www.soundcloud.com/maxwainwright, my main soundcloud account.
* dronenwright and dronewright2 are two drone-accounts.
* ISO668 is my alias for algorithmic/chaotic "dance" "music".
* my flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/121261397@N08/.
* my instragram account: https://www.instagram.com/mainwright/



About me.

Press photos: here.


Shorter text, first person: I make loud, quiet and silly noises, perform strange activities, and make Things that I use for these goals.

Short text, third person: Max Wainwright is a musician, sound artist and composer. An 'improvisation fundamentalist', he eschews planning and top-down thinking in favour of confusion, and dialoguing with materials, people and situations. Particular interests are DIY instruments/tools, feedback, and (lack of) control. His sounding output ranges from tiny acoustic sounds through amplified objects, to sheer noise and loud drones.




playing at STHLM drone society thing in R1/Stockholm

This Saturday I am going to Stockholm to perform in the old fifties experimental reactor chamber (R1). R1 is a cool place and lots of old friends will play drone music. It's also a free event so you should definitely go there if you happen to live in Stockholm. It will be recorded, anyway, and I'll try to take some fancy pics of junk&stuff for your pleasure.

Here is a link to the event (in Swedish): http://sthlmdrone.com/upcoming-events/2014/04/26/R1/

Personal news: I have moved. Still in GBG.




This place has been slow. There hasn't been so much going on, I haven't played live since last time. The recording of the performance is here: https://soundcloud.com/dronewright2/r1. I think it was fairly successful.

In other new, I've just been added to an online portfolio showing musicians &c active in the west of Sweden (around the Gothenburg area), hosted by Resurs Ny Musik in Gothenburg. Being invited was a pleasant surprise and it feels good to "officially" be a Gothenburger, in some sense. The portfolio is here: http://rnm.nu/onlineportfolio. Check it out, it's full of famous people.

There is also an upcoming compilation CD coming out, a collaboration between Mute records and John Richards/Dirty Electronics, where I will have a track called "Studies for machine stupidity". The CD will accompany the Mute Synth II, and all the tracks are made on it (and other stuff). Or so I'm told ;-) I don't know much more right now. Updates will follow.

There are no other updates.




I will be participating in the BZZZ! international sound art festival in Harplinge outside Halmstad, Sweden. I'll have a sort of sound-object factory-installation going throughout the weekend. I will take lots of pictures and make some recordings of whatever I end up doing and making, and put them all on the wiki I have made for this kind of thing:

wiki: http://www.maxwainwright.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
BZZZ!-page: http://www.maxwainwright.com/wiki/index.php?title=BZZZ

Right now I am planning and writing lists of things to pack. Expect more activity here later on.



Still Lives album release

So I just, finally, released Still Lives. It's been done for almost two years now (still fresh!) and after a lot of label-related headaches since then I decided to just put it up and be done with it.
The album is on my bandcamp: https://maxwainwright.bandcamp.com/album/still-lives, free to download.

album cover, by Hanna Sjögren
Album cover, by Hanna Sjögren

About the sounds:
When making this album I limited myself to one instrument setup per track, with no things used in one track allowed in any of the others. This pretty much exhausted my array of beat up mixing desks. I then tweaked and prodded these setups until they started to produce the kind of lively, chaotic drone I find interesting. Each drone, or state, was recorded without any interference from me, after which I arranged them in an order and intuitively added silences of varying lengths between them. Some mixing and trimming was done, each track done using the same array of plugins (not many, mostly eq). I tended to record stereo (or more) and sum to mono, often inverting one channel for some strange phasey cancellation effects. All in all, a fairly simple procedure. Most of the work was in the beginning, setting up the feedback networks and finding out what they could do.
So, each track moves about within a sound character defined by the tools I used in it, and a pacing defined by the lengths of the sounds and silences. Which leads us to:

About the structure:
The first track, Hold, consists of eight different sounds, one minute in length. The second, Edge, consists of seven sounds, oneand a half minutes in length. This basic scheme of linear decrease in number and increase in length is followed throughout the album, ending with Pin., which has only two sounds, each four minutes in length. The perceptive among you will notice that, apart from the in-between silences, this (two times four) is equal in length to the first track (eight times one). More than that, the entire album shows this kind of symmetry. I have visualised this in a sort of manual waveform-ASCII art track listing. Note that this is made in a monospace font, (Menlo) so the underscores (silences) are disproportionately long. As the beginning of the album has more of these (but mostly shorter) I decided to have more underscores in the later tracks. If this bothers you more than you appreciate the symmetry, then... Well, I don't know. Make your own ASCII art.

track listing ascii art



Gigs in Copenhagen

I'm playing ag 5e in Copenhagen tonight. 2 l8 4 upd8, but ok. I made a relay based spring reverb yesterday, which I'll use in the gig. I'll put some pics and info about it on the things website later on. And, if I make a good performance and get a decent recording, I'll put some sound or video online somewhere.

I played there a couple of weeks ago, but I doubt I'll put anything up from that time. Anyway, I like Copenhagen and Reaction Power Trio, for asking me to play (again). Hopefully I can play there regularly.



Upcoming workshop and gig with Dirty Electronics; 2016 + announce-list

So, I've arranged for John Richard and a couple of friends to come to Gothenburg again, to do a workshop and perform a bit. Last time me and John did a great gig att Elementstudion, a performance that was largely unrecordable (half of it in darkness with only an audience-facing strobe and a mini-television as lighting, lots of moving about and crawling around, one performance consisting of a ticking relay being passed around the audience...) so there's almost nothing of it online.

It's going to be a 'séance of resonance' so I'm currently looting&rooting for objects both real and virtual to resonate.

Facebook link to gig (doesn't require login)

Facebook link to workshop (doesn't require login)

I hope to get some good pics for later.

So, first post of 2016. Some interesting things coming up this year. I'll get back to it in later posts. Will try to post more regularly this year. I already did a gig in Gothenburg without posting about it here.
To stay in touch: add yourself to my e-mail list here



A manifesto

Just put up a manifesto at www.maxwainwright.com/anti-soni.html.
Sonification is not a big deal, luckily I rarely come across it or meet people who are into it. Its main problem is that it is so uninteresting. It also seems useless, more a way of seeming "current", serious and worthy of funding. Which is probably why it is so uninteresting.
The problem is that many things that are interesting are close to sonification in some regards, and bringing out information (bodily movement, visual data, raw data) as sound is often interesting and worthwile. So I felt the need to create its antithesis. Not just 'interesting sonification'—that would be a subset of sonification—but anti-sonification.
The manifesto might be self-contradictory and confusing in some small ways. If in doubt, consider this rule of thumb:

If it's interesting, it isn't sonification.

And, as I like to say:
anti- is the new post-





...might sound bigger than it really is, but; three gigs, in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Plus, a “thing” (building large wooden thing-workshop) in Copenhagen, and Mute Synth II workshops in both Gothenburg and Stockholm. The tour and performances are with Amit Patel and John Richards (perhaps more known as Dirty Electronics (Ensemble)).

In short:
January 19th: Copenhagen: performance and construction workshop at KKT.
LOCATION: KKT, Blågårds Plads 5, 3.rd floor, 2200 København N.
PRE - EVENT: 18.30 – 19.30 open to all participants.
EVENT (gig) + support (visual artist GRO SARAUW): from 21.00 –
SOUP will be served from 19.00, and refreshments will be available throughout.
COST: Suggested donation of 50 DKK, on the door.
Copenhagen facebook event

January 20th: Gothenburg: workshop and performance.
The gig is a bit secret. You can get in touch if you want to come, or you already know where it is. Workshop details:
Gothenburg facebook event

January 21st: Stockholm: workshop and performance. Non-secret, at Fylkingen. The workshop is packed so I'll just put info on the performance up here:
LOCATION: Fylkingen, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2.
TIME: 20:00
ENTRY: Members 60 SEK others 80 SEK.
+ special guest Johan Eriksson.
Fylkingen website

I'll take pictures and video and put whatever turns out good online somewhere.

It will be large, too large for the space it fills. It will become a place to be in, to perform in and around; it will direct and shape sounds and light.

Performances by Dirty Electronics, Max Wainwright and Dushume based on the theme of The Construct Has No Purpose.

electronics with damp sticks
sounds of stones and bristle brushes
meaningless text and liquid characters
rubbing bass and hanging artifacts



2016 summary

I decided to summarise some of my activities in 2016. I made it into a pdf. It's 311 kb small. Here is a larger one with prettier images.