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Welcome, visitor! This is my website. It is under construction.
To navigate, find something interesting in the navigation and click the date. If you get lost click up or use the home key. The dates are in DDMMYY format, of course.
I made this site using Seamonkey and TextWrangler. I took a CSS theme from Amaya but basically just the framework is left.
---> Click this link to find contact info and links to other online stuff of mine.

New website AGAIN: 160414

160414 – New website AGAIN

I finally got around to creating my own website. (again) This one actually has some structure to it and isn't too complicated for me to bother with it so hopefully it will last for some time.

It doesn't have ads or scripts or tracking or a hosted by NSA™ search engine etc. Mostly text, perhaps some pics and video links. As it's just one page with page jumps instead of real links and categories I'll have to keep the bandwidth- and cpu-intensive stuff out of this. This has the added benefit of not interspersing the text with distracting pictures and videos and stuff.

This is web 0.0. No jobs were created during the making of this website.



Contact info &c

Some ways of contacting me:
* you can send me email using the first letter of my first name, @ this very domain; maxwainwright.com. This is my favourite kind of electronic communication.
* you can send me tweets &c on twitter where I go by the name @mainwright.

Where I keep stuff online:
* www.soundcloud.com/maxwainwright, my main soundcloud account.
* dronenwright and dronewright2 are two drone-accounts.
* ISO668 is the name of a project about algorithmic/chaotic "dance" "music". You can buy files at bandcamp too.
* my vimeo account, www.vimeo.com/maxwainwright for videos of stuff, mostly gigs and tests.
* my flickr account is called mainwright which isn't reflected in the link for some reason.